EAV model like a common database model for analyzing incoming semistructured data

Arina Borisova

Gulnaz Mannanova

Common project can be presented in IT architecture paradigm below

Each girl was working on her part of this huge project.

Gulshat provided a common database EAV model to store system / user indicators and operational data. Also her python modules which are working at parallel to parse a lot of incoming data files and saving into EAV model (I can say it looks like micro services with batching data).

Arina developed UI concept and integrated REST API to get data from Storage layer into web interface.

Gulnaz was a responsible engineer for notification layer and Data Quality pattern. Dynamic Python quality scripts on a database model level – that’s really awesome!

Are you thinking it’s a simple “parser-and-store” project. No, actually not!

What’s about a couple Data Science investments?

Students used LSTM and SARIMA mathematical models to predict some economic public indicators for Russian Federation and … just take a look on a graphic.

Blue color is a public data from source, orange color is a result of prediction for training set , green – a result of prediction for test set.

Especially big thanks for Alsu , because she is a student from 3rd university course and played well a Project Manager role in this Team.

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