Database based on vertical structures”

Alexey Kononov

There are interesting approaches to store your model in OLAP model by using for example next databases

  • Vertica
  • ClickHouse
  • GreenPlum

Guys decided to create a basement of Vertical Database and separated “front end” and “backend end”.

In this case, “front end” means interface to send a-la SQL commands (DML/DDL) to internal layers in database. From other side “back end” or internal layer means saving this data into the files in special vertical formats.

So, Ayder was working on “front end” part and realized a new SQL dialect which can help for the end user to control needed structures and getting data from the internal layer.

Just a logical architecture of layers between external and internal sides

Alexey selected a dark side , other words backend part 🙂

Internal layer uses specific data binary format to rich more flexibility with data.

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