About Me


Welcome to Data Laboratory’s website.

My name is Azat Yakupov and I have been in IT world for nearly 20 years.

I am an experienced IT engineer in both theoretical and practical fields of Relational, PostRelational, NoSQL, Graph, semi-structural, vertical databases, OLAP / OLTP technologies, query optimizing, Big Data, Data Analytics and Analysis, Storages, Data Streaming, Data Visualizations, Data Modelling, Algorithms with Data, Data Lakes and Data Vaults in High-Availability and High-Loading production systems. 

I am also a certified engineer by the following aspects.

At present, I am a lecturer in Kazan Federal University and I am working on Data Architect with High-Loading Systems at the moment. My current University courses are presented below (you can find these out in “blog posts” area).

  • Introduction into Relational Databases
  • Advanced Relational Databases
  • Data Warehouse Management Systems
  • Introduction into Data Mining
  • Advanced Data Mining

I have decided to set up The Data Laboratory on the grounds of the University as I see it as the best place to share knowledge and expertise among my students and Community. The Lab enables to find interesting approaches and to use different algorithms and data structures to reach interesting and powerful results with Data. Also I would like to fulfil my SCI-IT plans and ideas closely working with my students.

I apply AWS Cloud resources in AWSEducate programme while giving lectures and implementing data laboratory scientific and IT research.

The goal of this web site is to make our research known with the idea of sharing lectures, interesting posts on data structures, algorithms, approaches which could help us in our findings and investigations.

You can find me on my LinkedIn or just email me to azat.yakupov@it.kfu.ru

Best Regards