Hi there, here you can find interesting books which I can recommend for your reading

Atlas of Cyberspace” (Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin)

Attempts to visualise our Internet in different patterns. The old book with description about Internet / In[out]coming hyperlinks / Traffic / Events Topology

Understanding Search Engines. Mathematical Modeling and Text Retrieval.” (Michael W. Berry, Murray Browne)

A good introduction how search engines are working from mathematical point of view.

DAMA-DMBOK. Data Management Body of Knowledge” (Deborah Henderson, Susan Earley, Laura Sebastian-Coleman)

Any Data Architect and CDO must have this book under the hand

“Data Architecture: A primer for the Data Scientist” (W.H.Inmon, Daniel Linstedt)

How to build DWH from scratch using right declarations and definitions of data layers

“Building a Data Warehouse” (Vincent Rainardi)

More details about how to build DWH from scratch using right declarations and definitions of data layers

Data Mesh.Delivering Data-Driven Value at Scale” (Zhamak Dehghani)

Modern data architecture needs more comfortable Data Driven approach. All about it

Data Model Scorecard” (Steve Hoberman)

Approach to define the Data Model based on a scorecard template and an explanation along with many examples of each of the ten Scorecard categories

Clean Architecture” (Robert C. Martin)

The right book and guide to make a stable architecture… just know a Database is another Input/Output device…

Turning TEXT into GOLD. Taxonomies and Textual Analytics” (Bill Inmon)

How to make a structured from Unstructured (Text / Audio / Video) data and take a Data Value? This book is a Roadmap how we can proceed with Data Mining and NLP algorithms.

The Unified Star Schema” (Bill Inmon, Francesco Puppini)

New pattern how to use a Star Schema with involved Stage table to prevent anomalies with data modelling (Fan Traps, Chasm Traps and Loops).